The Summer Without AC

If Your Winter Pests Are Not Paying Rent – Evict Them

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As you hunker down to ride out the cold winter weather, there are things in nature that are trying to hunker down with you. Just like you and your family move indoors, some of the pests that spend the majority of their summers outdoors, are trying to move indoors seeking warm shelter too. If you do not take the necessary steps, you will find yourself not just trying to get rid of these pests all winter long, but for the rest of the year as well. Rodents While many rodents can be a nuisance all year-round, they can be particularly troublesome...

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3 Home Cleaning Tips And Tricks That Do More Harm Than Good

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Are you a stickler for the household cleaning tips and tricks you find circulating social media sites? Do you stop to read any bit of information that offers new, convenient, penny-saving ways to take care of your household chores? If so, it may be time to slow down. Many of these trendy little tips and tricks offer no real benefit, and some even cause more harm than good. Below are three great examples of cleaning tricks to avoid. Clean Your Kitchen Sponges In Your Microwave Or Dishwasher That little sponge sitting on your kitchen sink is...

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2 Things Every Homeowner Can Learn From Industrial Fall Protection Training

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If you work in an industrial setting where heights are involved, chances are that you will be asked to take a fall protection training course. Employers place heavy emphasis on fall prevention because falls represent a large percentage of accidental deaths in the workplace. In fact, falls accounted for 36.9% of fatal construction accidents in 2013 alone. However, construction sites aren’t the only place where you can sustain serious injuries because of a rickety ladder. Here are two things that every homeowner can learn from industrial...

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How To Quickly Have Streak Free Windows Even On The Second Floor

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If the thought of cleaning your windows puts you in a state of dread, you may be making the task harder than it really is. Below you’ll learn how you can clean your windows quickly, leave them streak free and never climb on a ladder again. Clean With A Streak Free Cleaner You may become aggravated when you spend the time cleaning your windows and then you notice streaks. To keep your windows streak free, wash them with this easy to make no streak solution. 2 gallons hot water ¼ cup powdered dishwasher detergent ½ cup dishwasher rinsing...

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Moving Mature Trees

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The problem with trees is they take a long time to grow. So if you’re currently designing a restaurant or a backyard oasis where you want fully grown trees to shade your guests, it’s going to take planning and a lot more effort than simply planting a few saplings. Large, mature trees require big equipment like a crane, as well as manpower. They can also be quite pricey. But mature trees bring with them a beauty and majesty that young trees just can’t pull off.  Why Mature Trees When reality television show star Lisa...

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3 Ways Your City’s Asphalt Choice Could Affect Your Commute

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When most people hear about city council meetings, they don’t usually mark their calendars and make a date out of it. Although listening to long, drawn-out discussions about asphalt might not sound like a good time, the type of road your city decides to install can directly affect your drive into work everyday.  Here are three ways your city’s asphalt choice affects your commute, and why you should think about voicing your opinion.   1: Drier Roads Nothing is worse than leaving for work a few minutes late, and then...

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4 Items You Need When Dealing With A Burst Outdoor Faucet

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When you forget to disconnect the hose from your outdoor water faucet before a deep winter freeze, you may be dealing with a broken pipe and a flooded basement. You will need these four items to deal with the flood clean up and repairs. Shop Vac As soon as you see water gushing into your basement from the exterior wall and realize your outdoor water faucet has frozen, shut off the water valve to your house. This will stop any more water from pouring into your home. If you don’t know where your home’s water shut-off valve is, now...

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3 Items To Keep Far Away From Heater Registers

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Your furnace sends hot air through the ducts to warm up each room individually. The channel of hot air flows into the room through a heat register, or vent, on the floor or the ceiling. If the register is blocked, your heating system cannot run efficiently, often resulting in damage to the furnace components, including the blower motor and pump. Hot air flowing out of your heater vents can even damage the items sitting too close to the registers. Materials covering the vents can also drop down into the ducts or heat up and cause a fire to...

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