The Summer Without AC

4 Items You Need When Dealing With A Burst Outdoor Faucet

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When you forget to disconnect the hose from your outdoor water faucet before a deep winter freeze, you may be dealing with a broken pipe and a flooded basement. You will need these four items to deal with the flood clean up and repairs. Shop Vac As soon as you see water gushing into your basement from the exterior wall and realize your outdoor water faucet has frozen, shut off the water valve to your house. This will stop any more water from pouring into your home. If you don’t know where your home’s water shut-off valve is, now...

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3 Items To Keep Far Away From Heater Registers

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Your furnace sends hot air through the ducts to warm up each room individually. The channel of hot air flows into the room through a heat register, or vent, on the floor or the ceiling. If the register is blocked, your heating system cannot run efficiently, often resulting in damage to the furnace components, including the blower motor and pump. Hot air flowing out of your heater vents can even damage the items sitting too close to the registers. Materials covering the vents can also drop down into the ducts or heat up and cause a fire to...

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