• Debunking Two Common Myths About Sump Pumps

    A sump pump can literally save your home when floods strike. Yet many people hesitate to invest in a sump pump, simply because they hold erroneous ideas about this beneficial appliance. If you would like to get your facts straight about sump pumps, read on. This article will debunk two of the most persistent myths about sump pumps. Sump pumps are complicated machines. This myth owes its existence to the fact that many people fail to understand how a sump pump works.
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  • 3 Tips To Change Up Your Lighting Fixtures

    You just don't have the desire to hunt down new lighting fixtures for your home, but you're not thrilled with what you've got. Are you stuck with them? Of course not. There are plenty of ways that you can update or subtly change your overhead lighting without having to rewire anything at all. Change Out the Bulbs Odds are that if you're dealing with an older fixture, you probably have incandescent bulbs up there.
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