Flooring For A Busy Family: Benefits Of Waterproof Laminate

Posted on: 20 February 2020


To say that day-to-day life can be chaotic as a parent is an understatement. If you have a career, active children, and a pet, the proof of this chaos can often be witnessed by the condition of your home, especially when it comes to your floors. Keep your floors cleaner, with ease with the installation of waterproof laminate flooring.

Easier Cleaning

Laminate flooring has soared in popularity over the years because of its near-exact resemblance to hardwood flooring. However, unlike hardwood, cleaning isn't an outright painful experience. Taking care of hardwood floors involves using a special solution to clean and remove stains from the floor, only to be followed by an equally time-consuming wax application.

With waterproof laminate, any non-abrasive cleaning solution can efficiently and safely clean your hardwood floors, and there is no need to wax. Laminate flooring has a natural shine that lasts for years. Cleaning up any spills and mopping the floor, around once a week, is all you need to do. 

No-Stress Accidents

Children are accident-prone, even though it is not intentional. However, the sight of bright-colored juice or another liquid hitting the floor can send any parent into a panic over the fear of a permanent stain. What sets apart waterproof laminate flooring from the competition is the fact that moisture is unable to penetrate the flooring; the moisture just stays atop the floors' protective surface. 

As a result, grabbing a quick paper towel or clean cloth to wipe up a spill is all you have to worry about. While it is much harder for waterproof laminate flooring to stain, it is possible. Cleaning up spills right away, however, is how you can avoid this risk.

Beyond Water Protection

The main selling point for waterproof laminate flooring is the fact that the material does not absorb moisture, but this benefit is only the beginning. Due to the protective coating installed over these flooring panels, it is also very durable.

From a toy car racing across the floor to your pet's claws, this type of floor can withstand damage from many of life's day-to-day activities. Your kids can play on the floor and your pet can run around, with you worrying less about how your floors will look at the end of it all.

Waterproof laminate flooring doesn't just look good. From easier cleaning to greater durability, it is also good for the entire family. Speak with an installer to learn more about bringing the benefits of this flooring option into your home.