Seeing Daylight? 3 Risks You Face When Postponing Foundation Repair Issues

Posted on: 20 December 2019


Both residential and business structures are prone to the development of repair issues. Some are related to the age of the structure, while others are more likely to be caused by poor construction methods or a lack of ongoing maintenance. A few may even be caused by natural events, like tornadoes and floods. While it is perfectly acceptable to postpone some types of repair issues, those that are found in the building's foundation should never be ignored or put off. 

If you are wondering why it is so important to always deal with foundation repairs as quickly as possible, here are three of the serious risks you face by not seeking immediate repairs. 

Moisture and humidity issues

Home and business owners who have just discovered a growing network of cracks in their foundation walls should always take the discovery very seriously, especially if the cracks are wide or the edges are very uneven. Even relatively minor cracks can allow moisture to seep through and pool under the structure or in the interior living or work spaces.

In addition to damaging flooring and finishes, incoming moisture can raise the humidity level inside the structure to an unhealthy level that will encourage mold and mildew growth. When this happens, any occupants who have respiratory issues, including allergies, may be at risk of further health issues. 

Support and strength

Another reason you should never ignore or put off foundation repair concerns is the potential for a loss of the structure's overall support and strength. The foundation holds the weight of the entire structure, including the people and furnishings it holds. When repair issues cause the foundation to weaken, it can no longer provide that type of strong support. Drywall will begin to crack, doors and windows can become difficult to open, and floors can develop noticeable hills and valleys. Left undone for a long period of time, property owners could even be at risk of having walls weaken and collapse. 

Selling and refinancing

Many home and business owners may not realize that leaving foundation repair issues undone can also impact their later decisions to sell or refinance the building. In fact, home loans using the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) home loan program, as well as many backed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), including FHA loans, are usually not possible when uncorrected foundation issues exist. 

The safest route for home and business owners to take with any foundation repair issue is to contact a reputable foundation repair contractor for a professional evaluation. Taking this proactive step will help ensure that any serious foundation repair issues can be corrected promptly and further risks avoided.