Electrifying Solution To Your Perimeter Problems: Should You Use An Electric Fence?

Posted on: 21 September 2018


Commercial fencing is not always electrified. It depends on your reasons for installing an electric commercial fence. It also depends on what, exactly, is creating perimeter problems for you. The following highlights some instances where an electrical commercial fence is most ideal.

Thieves Are Vaulting the Fence and Stealing Equipment and Supplies

Thieves are going over the fence or bolt-cutting their way through it to get to construction supplies and/or equipment. You are losing thousands of dollars nightly because of their antics. A plain old commercial fence, even when it is ten or twelve feet high, does nothing to deter them. If you electrify it, they cannot cut it, touch it, climb it, or vault it without intense electrical injury to themselves. It is not exactly humane, but it is exceedingly effective.

Horses and Cattle Lean into the Fence, Causing It to Buckle and Bow

You have seen this happen too much. Horses and cattle graze close to the fence. Then they lean with all their might against wires trying to either escape or grab that patch of grass just out of reach. The commercial fencing material bows under their weight. After some time, it buckles, and then your animals are everywhere. Electrical fences zing these animals and may even give them tiny scars if the animals are persistent, but eventually, they will learn to avoid the fence.

Large Predators Are Terrorizing Livestock

If you live on an open prairie or near mountains, eventually you have to contend with wolves, cougars/panthers, bears, foxes, etc. They all venture over the fence (or sometimes under or through it) to get to your livestock. Sheep, goats, and pigs suffer these attacks the most, but a desperately hungry wolf or cougar will go after cattle. By building your fence higher and electrifying it, you train your animals to stay in while motivating predators to stay out.

You Live and Work on a Top-Secret Military Base

Espionage is still alive and kicking. That means that top-secret military bases are still valuable targets. Raising the fence to twenty feet up, covering it with coils of razor-barbed wire, and cranking the electricity on the fence is all part of the counter-espionage game. If it does not inflict excruciating pain on trespassing enemies, the secrets kept within the fence's walls will be stolen. The only things you have to worry about then is infiltration and loose lips sinking ships.