3 Options For Keeping Your Dogs Contained While Having Your Fence Repaired

Posted on: 26 June 2018


You might count on your fence to keep your dogs contained in your yard. If your fence needs to be repaired, then you might be unsure of how you are going to keep your pets contained on your property. These are a few different options that you can try.

1. Use Temporary Fence Panels 

Temporary fence panels can often be purchased or rented and used for all sorts of things, from use on a construction job site to use while you're waiting for a more permanent fence to be installed or repaired. In fact, the company that you are planning on working with to have your fence repaired might have temporary fence panels that you can either rent or purchase for this purpose. Just make sure that you choose a temporary fence option that will keep your pets safely contained, and make sure that it's installed as sturdily as possible.

2. Use a Standalone Dog Pen

Next, there is always the option to purchase a standalone dog pen that can be used in your yard, such as one that is made out of chain link fencing. Again, this might be something that you can purchase from your fence repair and installation company. Even though this might not provide your dog with quite as much space, it can be good for temporary purposes. Plus, you may find that it's useful later on if you need to contain your dog in a smaller outdoor space, such as if you're hosting an outdoor party and want to make sure that your dog doesn't bother your guests.

3. Use a Tether and Stake

Lastly, you can always try tying your dog up by using a collar or harness, a long tether and a stake that you can bury in the ground. Of course, this is not a good idea if you are going to be leaving your dog unattended since your dog can get tangled up in its tether and can be injured or killed. However, this can be a good temporary option when you are going to be outside with your dog and able to watch it closely.

As you can see, if you are looking for ways to contain your dogs while having your fence repaired, you do have options. Consider looking into these three options so that you can ensure that your pets remain properly contained while you're getting your permanent fence back into good condition.