3 Rooms In Which A Brick Veneer Is Perfect

Posted on: 25 March 2018


The way that your walls look is something that is important to consider when you're designing custom-built homes with a builder. This is your opportunity to choose exactly how you want the walls in every room to look, which will prevent you from having to do any painting or similar projects of your own in the short term.

Choosing your wall styles is about more than just selecting your preferred color of paint — you'll also want to think about the surfaces of the walls. Brick veneer, a thin layer of brick-like material that is used inside the home, can be a desirable material to use in your custom build. Here are three rooms in which a brick veneer can be perfect.

1. Kitchen

Lots of high-end bistros and cafes use brick veneers on some of their walls to give a chic and rustic feel. Depending on your sense of style, you may feel that this type of material is ideal in the kitchen of your custom home. Red or gray brick can give you the look that you're going for, and the right wall hangings over the brick veneer can give your kitchen an appearance that is worthy of being in a home design magazine. You don't need to put brick veneer on each of the walls in the kitchen. Sometimes, just covering a single wall can give you the look you desire.

2. Basement

Few materials suit the walls of your basement better than brick veneer. In old homes, brick walls in the basement are common, but you'll appreciate a modern twist on this historic look by using brick veneer. This material can give your basement a rough and industrial feel, which may be perfect if you use the space for a home workshop, a place to jam with your band, or just a cool hangout to watch the game with your friends. In a large basement, covering each of the walls with brick veneer can be suitable.

3. Home Office

If you work from home and have an office in which you entertain clients, you want it to look its best, while also conveying a feeling of affluence. Brick veneer can be the answer in both regards, which can make you feel confident in yourself and in your business when a client steps into your space. Whether you're a marketing whiz, a consultant, or a web designer, the modern look of brick veneer can suit the image that you're trying to create with your business.