Several Myths About Tree Trimming Services

Posted on: 5 January 2018


If your property is fortunate enough to have large trees on it, these can be among the most distinctive features of the land. Furthermore, these trees can provide valuable benefits in terms of shade. However, you will need to take active steps to care for the trees to ensure that they are able to avoid potential health hazards and other problems. More exactly, tree trimming is something that every homeowner will likely need to have done at some point.

Myth: Tree Trimming Is Bad For The Health Of The Plant

It is frequently assumed that having a tree trimmed will be extremely detrimental to its health. Often, this belief is based on the notion that removing the branch will result in the tree failing to get enough sunlight and carbon dioxide. However, this process can actually be extremely beneficial to the plant. When trimming is done, unhealthy parts of the tree will be removed, which will allow the plant to utilizes its resources more effectively. As a result, it can be common for trees to grow back thicker and healthier after the trimming process.

Myth: It Is Easy For A Homeowner To Safely And Effectively Trim Their Trees

There are some people that will assume that there is little preparation, experience or technique needed when trimming trees. This can result in them attempting to perform this work without hiring a professional, which can have dire consequences for the tree. For example, improperly completed trimmings can result in a severe infection that could spread throughout the tree. Additionally, if individuals make the mistake of trimming growth node, the tree may recover much more slowly from this maintenance. Due to these challenges and the consequences that can follow them, you should always retain professionals for trimming your trees.

Myth: It Is Always Best To Have The Branches And Leaves Hauled Away By The Trimming Service

At the end of this type of work, there will likely be an assortment of branches and other items that will need to be transported away from the site. However, this can be surprisingly wasteful as these materials can make excellent mulch. For homeowners that are in need of mulch, it can be worthwhile to use a trimming service that can mulch the leftover debris. These companies will charge a fee for mulching these materials as they will need to bring specialized equipment. Interestingly, this fee may be comparable to the costs of having these materials hauled away, which can make deciding to mulch the branches and leaves an easier decision.