Should You Build A Porch Or A Deck?

Posted on: 29 November 2017


Many homeowners intend to extend their living space from outside their homes. Two structures can satisfy this purpose: porches and decks. Porches tend to be small and in covered areas that are designed as an additional room in the house. Decks, on the other hand, have a more "outdoor" feel because they do not have any roofing structures or covering.  When choosing between building a porch or a deck, you should consider the following deciding factors:


Climate matters when choosing between a porch or a deck because these outside areas are not reached by the house's cooling or heating system. For areas with extreme winter, porches, depending on the design can be good for all weather. Decks are better for areas with moderate weather conditions.


Your purpose for adding an outdoor structure also matters when choosing between a porch or a desk. If you want another room to receive guests, to serve as your children's play area, or to slouch when reading a book, a porch might be a better option. With the right roofing structure, you can add a good couch or other items commonly found inside the house. Decks have a more outdoorsy purpose. Choose decks if you will use the area for having a natural tan or having a grill area for family and friends. This is why decks are also usually added beside or towards the pool.


The need for flexibility also matters when deciding. Porches, with their roofing structures, tend to have limited purposes. They usually reflect indoor living but with a little bit of fresh air from the outside. On the other hand, decks are full of outdoorsy feel. They are usually more flexible because you can incorporate both indoor items like dining set and outdoor ones like sunbathing couch and grillers. Decks can also accommodate additional structures like gazebo and gazebo.


As for the price, the two structures also have significant differences. Porches tend to cost more because of the roofing or covering requirements. Decks tend to be cheaper because they require few materials. It is also reported that decks tend to have greater resale value, but still require more maintenance compared to porches.

Overall, choosing between a porch or a deck needs a careful consideration of the climate, purpose, flexibility, and price. Each one has pros and cons depending on these factors. Choose the one that best addresses these factors. Whether you choose a porch or a deck installation, you will surely enjoy an extended outdoor living space in your house.

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