What Every Homeowner Should Know About Problems Caused By Tree Roots

Posted on: 22 September 2017


Do you have some large trees in your yard that could be interfering with your drain tiles? Tree roots can easily get inside the drain tiles headings toward the main sewer line, which will either cause a clog in the drain tiles or a pipe collapse. In the worst case scenario, raw sewage can back up into your house and cause a huge mess.

Tree roots will require regular snaking to get ahead of the problem because it turns into a problem that requires repair. Here are a few things you should know about tree root problems as a homeowner:

You're Responsible For Problems

The main sewer line that connects to your home is the city's responsibility to maintain. However, you are the one that is responsible for all pipes that run between the sewer and your home if they are on your property.

These drain tiles can be quite simple or very complicated. For instance, the run of pipe could be a straight shot to the sewer line or curve and somehow find its way going under a shed. If a sewer line collapses, you will need to pay to excavate your property and remove and structure on top of the drain tile.

You Have Two Options To Replace Old Drain Tiles

If your drain tile has collapsed, you won't have a choice other than to dig up your yard to replace the aging pipe with a new one. This can be quite expensive since you need to pay for the excavation, the repair of the line, and the materials.

However, you may be able to catch a problem early on and replace the pipe without any excavating. The method involves threading a brand new expandable pipe into the old drain tile, then expanding the pipe inside it. It can be an immediate fix to a problem without any excavation.

You Need A Sewer Inspection

Preventative repair is only possible if you know what is happening in your pipes. You can do this with a camera sewer line inspection. A small camera can actually be placed into the pipe to see what is happening on the inside. The camera inspection can tell you if the pipe is fine or if it is on the verge of collapsing. It can help you plan accordingly, as well as put you more at ease since you'll know the health of your drain tiles with certainty.

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