Tips For Safely And Correctly Installing A Pallet Rack In Your Warehouse

Posted on: 23 June 2017


If the pieces of a new pallet rack have arrived at your warehouse and your employees are getting ready to assemble it, then it is vital they understand how to correctly and safely do so. To this end, follow these important pallet rack installation tips:

Tip: Obtain a Pallet Rack Installation Permit if Required in Your Area

Some areas of the country have local building codes that require your business to obtain a permit before installing a new pallet rack. Before your employees break out the tools and start the installation process, first verify with your local building code enforcement agency whether or not you need to obtain a permit. This step is very important because if someone is injured due to your pallet rack not being properly installed, then you could open up your business to a costly lawsuit.

Tip: Carefully Inspect Each Piece of the Pallet Rack for Damage

Since your warehouse's new pallet rack will be expected to safely hold very heavy loads, it is vital that none of its component pieces have any damage. Even a small dent in a cross member of a pallet rack can result in a catastrophic failure when the rack is placed under a load. Before your employees start constructing the pallet rack, they must carefully inspect each piece of it and the installation process must stop if you find any damaged pieces. Return damaged pieces to the manufacturer for replacements.

Tip: Ensure You have a Flat and Thick Concrete Slab Capable of Holding the Pallet Rack's Load and Anchoring Bolts

Your new pallet rack must be installed on a completely level concrete slab that has enough thickness to provide adequate structural support for a fully-loaded pallet rack. The product specifications for your pallet rack system will tell you how thick of a concrete slab is necessary to support the rack fully loaded with your stock. Never install a pallet rack on a concrete slab that isn't thick enough to support its anchors and loaded weight or that isn't level.

Tip: Verify the First Bay of the Pallet Rack is Level and Plumb

Finally, as you install the first bay of the pallet rack and bolt it into the concrete floor, you must verify that each vertical and horizontal member is perfectly level and plumb. If the bottom section of the pallet rack isn't perfectly square, then the racks above it will not be adequately aligned. 

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