What To Expect When You Hire A Contractor To Install New Windows

Posted on: 4 May 2017


If you're having replacement windows installed in your home for the first time, you may not know what to expect. The job entails taking out your old windows and putting in new ones. There will probably be a small crew working so one group can remove windows while the other puts them in. Still, the process can take a couple of days depending on how many windows you have. Here is an overview of how the process works.

The Initial Walkthrough

The first thing the installer will do is walk through your house with you to look at the windows and verify each one is to be replaced. He or she will look for potential problems and decide if furniture needs to be moved. It may not be necessary for you to be home at the time, but you may feel more comfortable being there since the installers will need to be inside your house. Plus, talking to them in person ensures your special instructions will be heard.

Removal Of Old Windows

Replacement windows consist of frames and glass. They fit right into the opening your current windows occupy now. Therefore it's necessary to have precise measurements when you order the windows. Then, the crew can simply remove the old window from your home so the new window can be slid in. Before work begins, the crew should put down a drop cloth to catch chips of wood, paint flecks, and dust. However, removing windows isn't a messy job, so they shouldn't disturb your home too much. One thing you may want to do is request that no more windows be removed than can be replaced the first day. That way, the open windows won't have to be boarded up

Putting In The New Windows

The new windows are placed into the openings in your walls and then adjusted. The window must be leveled and installed properly or air may leak through making them inefficient. Also, if they are not adjusted properly, they may be difficult to open. The windows will probably be installed from the inside, so you can expect workers to be in your home most of the day. Some window work is done from the outside too, so you may need to protect your plants by covering them and asking the crew to be careful around your prized landscaping.

Finishing Up

The windows will be sealed into place inside and outside so they are airtight. Then, the installer will check each window to make sure it slides open and closed easily. Also, your old windows and debris will be hauled off your property so you won't have to deal with it. Unless the window installation contractor sends a large crew, you should expect it to take a couple of days to replace your windows, and maybe even more than that if you have a large house or an upper level.