Common Problems With An Aging Central Cooling System

Posted on: 20 March 2017


A good central cooling system can easily last a home many years, and even once they get a little age on them, they will continue to put forth cool air–albeit maybe not so efficiently. However, if your home has an older central cooling system, it will definitely be time to buckle up and prepare for a few occasional blips in the radar. Old cooling systems are pretty notorious for having the occasional problems that need attention from an air conditioning repair service. Check out these common problems with an outdated cooling system and the likely causes you need to know as a homeowner. 

Problem: The air conditioner unit kicks on, but no air is pushed through the vents. 

Cause and Solution: Most of the time, these situations only mean there is an issue with the blower or fan system of the unit. Turn on the air conditioner and head to the main unit and see if the fan is actually turning. In some cases, the motors that propel the fans on these unit go out and need to be replaced in order to push air through the system. 

Problem: The air conditioning system produces air that has a bad odor. 

Cause and Solution: This type of problem can have a few causes and the causes can sometimes be hard to track down if you are not an air conditioner technician. If an air unit has sat idle for a long time, it can allow stagnant moisture to accumulate inside the unit or even in the ductwork, which will cause a telltale odor. A bad odor can also be caused by leaking coolant inside of the air unit as well, but this is a less common problem. Any time you are experiencing bad odors coming from the vents, it is best to have your old unit assessed by a professional. 

Problem: The air conditioner will not come on at all. 

Cause and Solution: Homeowners usually assume that this type of problem is a surefire sign that it is time for the air unit to be replaced, but this is not always the case. There are several small components that can go bad that can render the air conditioning unit seemingly useless, but can usually be fixed. For example, if there is an electrical issue inside of the main unit, such as a shorted out wire or bad condenser switch, the unit will not kick on, but these parts can be replaced. 

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