Why Your Commercial Parking Lot Should Be Asphalt Instead Of Cement

Posted on: 27 February 2017


Are you the owner of a commercial property? Are you trying to decide whether to use concrete or asphalt paving to redo some or all of your parking lot? Many commercial parking lots, especially smaller ones, are partially or entirely paved in concrete instead of asphalt. But while concrete can be a great building material and you may be attracted to it for a variety of reasons, a good asphalt parking lot can be superior to concrete in a number of ways. A few of the reasons why you should go with asphalt instead of concrete are:

Cost: A concrete lot may initially look less expensive than one with asphalt paving, but this reduced price tag probably won't stay so low once you start looking at the true costs. Not only do you have to consider the initial installation cost, you also must think about maintenance and upkeep. Concrete often shatters with relative ease, where asphalt has at least some flexibility. This means that you'd be spending more time and money repairing a concrete lot than you would one made from asphalt. Over a period of several years, this can make the concrete many times more expensive than if you'd simply gone with asphalt in the first place. 

Appearance: The lighter color of concrete can be more aesthetically pleasing -- at first. But its light color also means that it shows dirt more readily than asphalt paving. Should a car parked in the lot leave just a small amount of leaked oil behind, the pristine look of your parking lot will be damaged. Instead of paying to have your lot pressure-washed every few weeks, simply stick with asphalt. Oil stains and tire tracks will be much less obvious, helping to give your lot a more well-kept appearance.

Installation speed: A poured concrete slab can take days to cure hard enough that it can be driven on. Even if you only do a small section of the lot at one time, your tenants, customers, or employees may get annoyed by the inconvenience. Some of them may leave and not come back. Instead of having to deal with that, consider that asphalt paving may be completed in a matter of hours or sometimes overnight, depending on the current temperature. You can have the lot blocked off on a Friday or Saturday afternoon, after everyone else has gone home for the day, and the lot will be ready to use by the time Monday morning rolls around. It may take longer to paint in the lines for the parking spaces than for the asphalt to be added.

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