4 Ways To Extend The Life Span Of Your Roof

Posted on: 4 January 2017


The roofing system of your home should be well taken care of to ensure full protection of your home. If your roof is not taken care of, it can lead to water damage in your home because of moisture that gets into cracks that are exposed on the roof. Once this happens, the roofing system can eventually collapse. Here are four ways to prevent this and expand the life span of your roof:

  1. Know Common Damages: It's important to regularly inspect your roof to look for signs of common damages that need to be repaired right away. One kind of damage would be damage done by professionals. These include chemical spills and dings from tools that have been thrown on the surface of the roof. If you have recently had HVAC contractors work on your roof or other professionals and you notice signs of these damages, be sure to contact them for compensation for the damages; then you can have the damage fixed by a roofing contractor. Another common problem is leaks and lifted or torn shingles that will need to be replaced. You will see leaks easily because there will be gathered water or moisture in those areas. Seal it right away to prevent the crack from becoming too large leading to roof failure. 
  2. Get Professional Inspections: Aside from inspecting the roof yourself, which should be done at the beginning of each season, you will also want a professional to inspect your roof at the end of the winter season when the most roofing damage can be done. This way, significant problems are spotted and repaired quickly before they become worse. 
  3. Gather Materials for Temporary Repairs: There are going to be some situations in which temporary repairs are going to need to be made. This is why it's important to have the materials needed to do this so that problems don't continue while waiting for the professionals to arrive. You should have sealant for leaks, roofing cement for larger holes, and duct tape. All of these will prevent emergency situations. 
  4. Avoid Heating too Much: When you use sealant on your roof, it's important that you do not overheat it when it is placed, which can cause further damage. It's important that you read the instructions of the sealant carefully so that you can avoid this. 

When you know these four ways to extend the life span of your roof, you can save yourself a great deal of money and stress. Contact a company like Ray's Harford Home Improvement Contractors Inc to learn more.