Drab to Fab: Painting to Perk Up Your Basic Bungalow

Posted on: 21 October 2016


It was the classic single-family home style in the first half of the 20th century—and now it's yours. A bungalow built with good old-fashioned construction methods and sturdy, traditional building materials is a smart investment for first-time buyers and small families. There's nothing fussy about its boxy shape, standard windows, low-pitched roof, and two to three bedrooms. Compared to sleek, contemporary houses with higher prices, you might even call a bungalow mundane. But you don't have to settle for the dull, drab look. Instead, give your house a facelift.

Because bungalow architectural style is uncomplicated, without a lot of embellishments and flourishes, the budget for painting the house will be reasonable. Your investment in a great painting contractor and good color selection will be rewarded by the increased curb appeal of the house. And when you come home from a long day's work or a short errand run, you'll enjoy that special inner glow of knowing you've made the house your own through color selections that resonate with your personal style.

Choosing Classy, Comfortable Colors

Take your own sweet time figuring out which color seems the most suitable for your house. You'll be living with your final choice for several years, so don't rush the decision. Draw inspiration from magazines, online browsing, and wandering through neighborhoods in your own town where there are a large number of bungalow style houses.

Focus on the main color for the exterior walls first, but don't forget that you'll want a secondary color, too, for the wood trim and eaves. Pairing the secondary color with the main one can help you refine the shade and tone you want. You may love blue, for example, but when you match it with a gray for the trim work, you may decide to go with a lighter shade of blue than you'd originally pictured. Test your dream colors using a online tool available on the websites of most major paint manufacturers. Classic combinations to start your experimentation with include:

  • Soft green walls with cream-colored trim. Try shades ranging from olive green to deep, rich forest green.
  • Pewter-gray walls with white trim. Experiment with darker and lighter shades of gray to see whether you like the combination when it has greater or lesser contrast.
  • Yellow walls with tan or white trim. Play with a variety of yellows ranging from a deep mustard yellow to a light, buttery shade.

Coordinating with Your House Painters

When you've decided on the right colors for your bungalow makeover, it's time to turn the project over to your painting contractor. There is likely to be prep work involved before you see the transformation begin, especially if the existing paint is old and worn. Expect at least a full day, probably more, for the necessary preparation, which includes:

  • power-washing to remove dirt, stains, and peeling paint
  • patching and repairing damage from insects, weather, and general wear and tear
  • sanding to smooth out rough spots
  • a final wash-down to remove dust and debris

Now the real fun begins. The exterior of your home will be a hive of activity as the primer and main color is applied with a sprayer, paint rollers, and brushes to ensure thorough, even coverage. You'll have a sense of the final outcome at this stage, but you'll need to be patient as the paint dries for another day or so before the trim work begins in earnest. This work requires steady hands and concentration to ensure a clean, neat finish.

When the project is complete, it's time to stand back and admire the results of your little bungalow's transformation to an eye-pleasing place to call home. Call a company such as J Maintenance Co to get started.