5 Add-ons to Ask About Before Ordering Gutter Cleaning

Posted on: 27 April 2016


Experts say that a standard gutter cleaning usually costs between $125-$175. However, this price is dependent on several factors such as the size of your gutter system and the slope of your roof. It is also important to note that different companies include different services in the cost of a cleaning. Below are five services you should ask about when you order gutter cleaning. 

Gutter Flow Assessment 

One of the main reasons to clean your gutters regularly is to help ensure proper flow of water through your gutters and away from your home. Usually, once a company is done cleaning your gutters, they will run either water or compressed air through your gutter system to make sure that your gutters do not have any additional debris caught in them. At this time, some companies will also perform a flow assessment. During this assessment, they will look for leaks in your system that are caused by small holes or cracks in your gutters and let you know if you need to complete repairs.

If your company of choice does not perform a flow assessment after completing a cleaning, you should ask for them to add one on. You may have to supply water from an outdoor spigot for a flow assessment. 

Attachment Inspection 

During gutter cleaning, your company may complete an assessment of your gutter system. They will check to make sure that your gutters are securely attached, and they will check for rotting or water damage on your fascia that could cause problems in the future. After they finish cleaning, they will generally provide you with a thorough list of any repairs that need to be made. 

Although this type of inspection is generally included in your cleaning, you may pre-approve small repairs, up to a certain amount of money, to avoid having to call out the contractors a second time to complete repairs. 

Debris Removal 

Most companies will place any debris found in your gutters into plastic trash bags. These bags will then be tied and left on your property. You can then use them for compost or dispose of them on your own. Some companies will skip the bags altogether and place the debris loose in your compost area. However, you should discuss this with them ahead of time and plan on being there to let them know where to place the debris. 

If you do not want the debris left on your property, you can usually pay an extra fee to have the bags removed from your property. 

Installation of Screens or Guards 

Most companies can install screens or guards on your gutters after they finish cleaning them. Although it is still recommended that you have regular gutter cleanings, between 2-4 times a year, screens or guards can help prevent build up of debris if your gutters are beneath a tree. They also prevent small animals from accessing your gutters. Having this installed at the same time as your gutter cleaning will prevent you from having to make two separate service calls and can also lengthen the amount of time between gutter cleanings. 

Emergency Cleaning or a Specific Hour 

Generally, gutter cleanings are scheduled on a specific day but without a specific hour. This is because it can be difficult to estimate the exact amount of time each set of gutters will take to clean. Luckily, most companies do not require you to be at home during the cleaning. However, if you want to be there, you may be able to book a specific hour for an additional fee. Similarly, if your gutters are severely clogged and you need them cleaned immediately, this will usually cost more. Otherwise, plan to book your cleaning at least a week or two in advance. 

For more tips or assistance, contact companies like Mr. Gutter.