Business Safety Tips: Improving Your Parking Lot

Posted on: 29 September 2015


As a business owner, it is your job to ensure that both your employees and customers are safe. If you own a retail store, you may generally think of safety as keeping the aisles clean and free of clutter. However, safety goes well beyond the environment inside of your store. The environment outside of your store is just as important. Considering that approximately 206 people are killed annually in parking lot related accidents, it is important to ensure the safety of your parking lot.

Avoid Ornamental Designs

Although landscaping and ornamental designs such as trees and shrubs may look attractive, it can block the view of drivers in your parking lot. Rather than designing your parking lot with ornaments and greenery that may reduce visibility, ensure the design of your parking lot offers plenty of space and a wide open view.

Promoting better visibility can reduce the likelihood of an accident taking place in your parking lot. If a driver is unable to see while backing out, it is more likely that they will strike another vehicle or perhaps even a pedestrian walking through the parking lot. Curbs and walkways are okay and even encouraged to promote the safety of pedestrians, but avoid the use of any other décor in your parking lot.

Smooth Out the Pavement

If you have a parking lot paved in asphalt, keep in mind that the asphalt is bound to deteriorate. Potholes and other uneven pits in the ground are often caused by the tires of vehicles constantly driving over the material. Not only can potholes and uneven marks in the pavement cause damage to other vehicles, they can also pose slip and fall risks.

If a customer or employee happens to trip and fall because of a pothole, you could be held responsible. An employee or customer would have the right to file a lawsuit against you, which could end up costing you an unnecessary amount of money. Ensure that your parking lot offers a smooth, even surface for the safety of your employees and customers by hiring professionals to perform necessary repairs.

Discover more about parking lot repair by getting in touch with a local professional. 

Provide Plenty of Security Features

From robberies to kidnapping, poorly designed parking lots can pose serious risks to the safety of your employees and customers. An estimated 80% of crimes that occur at offices, shopping centers, and strip malls take place in the parking lot. Fortunately, you can promote the safety of individuals on your property by redesigning certain safety elements, particularly lighting and security cameras.

Proper lighting is of the utmost importance when it comes to the safety of your parking. Lighting provides greater visibility, therefore deterring criminals away from your business. Lighting can also prevent vehicular accidents from occurring. Low lighting or a lack of lighting can reduce visibility. If a driver is unable to see his or her surroundings, they run the risk of hitting another vehicle in the parking lot or perhaps even a pedestrian.

Aside from lighting, you should also incorporate other safety features, such as security cameras. Criminals want to avoid being seen and identified. Strategically placed security cameras that are visible to potential criminals sends a warning message that makes them think twice about committing a crime. Criminals are less likely to attack your employees and customers if you combine security cameras with bright lighting.

If you are interested in increasing the safety and security of your parking lot for the benefit of your employees and customers, speak with a professional. A professional can come out and inspect your parking lot and determine what repairs or redesigns your parking lot needs in order to promote a better sense of safety.