5 Reasons To Choose A Restoration Company With Advanced Moisture Detection Equipment

Posted on: 16 September 2015


When a broken water main or hurricane flooding damages your home, you'll likely want to call the first water damage restoration company you can find. However, taking at least a little time to ask about the equipment and qualifications of the service provider pays off in the long run. Shop around for a company that brings high-tech moisture detection tools to enjoy these five benefits.

Preventing Hidden Mold

When water fills up a home or even a single room, the liquid flows through tiny cracks and openings you can't even see to create pockets of moisture in inaccessible spots like

  • The inside of wall cavities, even if the outside of the drywall feels dry
  • Air conditioning and heating ducts, especially units located in the floor
  • Crawlspaces and insulation cavities in concrete slabs.

It's hard to open up every tiny space in the home just to find a spoonful of water, but that splash of moisture is enough to set off a major mold infestation. Mold spores trigger allergy and asthma attacks, on top of making the home smell stale and unpleasant. An infrared camera quickly scans through multiple layers of material to pinpoint every last splash and spill.

Stopping Structural Damage

The same hidden and trapped moisture that triggers mold growth can create a rot problem that threatens the entire house. Instead of feeling anxious and paranoid about the potential of your floor joists giving in and leaving you stuck in the floor, let the remediation team ensure every part of the house's frame is properly dried out. The best teams will use both imaging technology, like an infrared camera or thermal scanner, and moisture probes that stick deep into wood studs and joists to double-check for safety.

Structural damage is the most expensive type of water damage to fix. Replacing completely rotten floor joists and wall studs can require jacking up the entire roof, while water-logged foundations are even harder to excavate and replace. Investing in more expensive testing now could save you thousands of dollars over time.

Getting Insurance Money

Are you relying on an approved claim from your homeowner's or renter's insurance policy to pay for repairs and remediation? Hiring a team to come in before restoration begins and take accurate measurements of all damaged areas allows you to file the most accurate claim possible. This increases the chances of getting the request approved quickly so restoration can begin. The claim associates at insurance companies are well acquainted with damage detection equipment, so they'll know that a report is more trustworthy when it's backed up with data from a thermal scanner or moisture probe.

Did the insurance company insist on hiring a water damage repair company and you're concerned that the technicians missed some moisture? Bring in your own testing team to discover the truth. You'll need plenty of hard evidence of leftover water and the damage it caused to get the insurance company to admit a mistake and rectify it.

Finding Unknown Leaks

Perhaps it was a flood due to weeks of rain that damaged your home in the first place, but that doesn't mean a second secret water leak isn't causing further problems. The same testing you order to check for moisture after an emergency can catch all sorts of hidden leaks you've missed over the years. Imagine finding out your pipes are rotting out your bathroom walls, even though the flood never reached that room.

Avoiding Being Condemned

Finally, don't forget that hidden water damage can lead to your home being condemned if it threatens the health of you and your family. Thorough home testing is the only way to dispute a claim from the local housing authority that restoration failed to save your structure.

Hiring an experienced water damage restoration company with the best equipment can help protect you and your home. Click here for more information on water damage services in your area.