3 Tips To Change Up Your Lighting Fixtures

Posted on: 18 August 2015


You just don't have the desire to hunt down new lighting fixtures for your home, but you're not thrilled with what you've got. Are you stuck with them? Of course not. There are plenty of ways that you can update or subtly change your overhead lighting without having to rewire anything at all.

Change Out the Bulbs

Odds are that if you're dealing with an older fixture, you probably have incandescent bulbs up there. If the bulbs are visible, consider changing them out for something more interesting, like Edison bulbs. These add a lot of dimension without needing anything special in order to work well. Another great choice is LED bulbs. They last forever, and they don't put off any excess heat that can be too much when you have the lights on for a while.

Replace a Shade

Some lighting fixtures use those glass shades that can look pretty dated. They're easy to remove, usually with just a couple of set screws. Make sure that you find the right size and replace them with some new shades that you love. Even better? Try just cleaning the old ones first with a vinegar and water mixture. You may be surprised at the detail that a good cleaning brings out. They'll sparkle and shine, and you'll probably find that you can overlook whatever you didn't like about the originals. You have a variety of different options you can use, even if you want to take a larger pendant light shade and use it to cover the entire fixture.

Paint Is Your Friend

Another option is to use paint to make over your lighting fixtures. Often brass fixtures start to look pitted when they age or they just look dated and tired. Clean the fixture really well with something mild, like baking soda and vinegar before you begin. Tape off the area with a good painter's tape and then get busy with some paint in a color that looks good in the room. You can either match the ceiling color or go with a color that ties in with the rest of the room's decor. Use a couple of coats and see what a change the new color makes.

When you are ready to make a big change, contact an electrician, like Nicholas Electric Co, to switch out the fixtures for you. A lighting expert can make sure that your new fixtures are properly wired and that they do exactly what you need them to do from the start.