A Superior Heating Source: 4 Reasons To Choose Propane

Posted on: 2 June 2015


While uncommon compared to more traditional heating options like natural gas and electricity, propane offers numerous advantages over more popular counterparts. If you're looking into alternative heating options for your home, it's time to give propane a chance for a number of reasons.

1. Propane is better for the environment.

If you're interested in going green, you can feel good about switching to propane heating in your home. Propane is an approved clean-burning fuel by the U.S. Department of Energy. Some states estimate that switching to propane for both homes and cars can reduce harmful emissions by as much as 70%, because burning propane does not produce high levels of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. You might think that electricity is clean, because there are no emissions when you personally turn on the heat, but 39% of all electricity in the Unites States is created from burning coal; coal releases plenty of greenhouse gases as it is processed into electricity. 

Also, you can feel good about using propane as a fuel because it is a more earth-friendly option. Because propane exists in the environment as a gas, there are no toxic spills to clean up. The gas itself is harmless to animals, and it does not affect plants. Unlike natural gas, breathing in propane accidentally does not have an harmful side-effects. 

2. Propane can be less expensive than electricity or gas. 

Propane prices vary depending on what state and region you live in and how high electrical costs are in the are, but it can be much less expensive to use than electric heating. Generally, if propane costs are less that $3.24 a gallon, going for propane is a better deal. Usually, costs per gallon are much lower than this price. For example, using a propane water heater instead of an electric heater in your home will save you about $10 a month because of this price difference and fuel efficiency. 

Also, propane heating components, like water heaters and furnaces, tend to last longer simply because, as a clean fuel, they require less maintenance. So, there is another way you can save money with propane when compared to gas or electric units. 

3. Propane is an efficient heat source.

Propane burns hotter than other heat sources, so it requires less to do more. For example, a propane water heater can heat water twice as quickly as water heaters using electricity. If you use a propane furnace, your furnace will put out very warm air, but will need to run less often, because the hotter air will balance with the cooler air in the home for a longer period of time.  

4. Propane can be safer than other heating options.

Have you ever worried about a gas leak or an electrical fire in your home? These are just the hazards that come with using these types of heating sources. However, while you could have propane leak in your home, propane requires an extremely hot source of ignition to combust, as its ignition point in air is 920 degrees Fahrenheit and it readily diffuses into the air, making it difficult to have enough concentrated gas to cause an explosion. Also, as stated above, breathing propane is not dangerous.  

It should be noted that every fuel source has risks. Propane is stored in tanks and has an extremely cold boiling point: -44 degrees Fahrenheit. It is unlikely that you will ever have direct contact with propane, because the containers are sealed, and if they leak, the gas easily heats to the temperature of the environment, but if handled improperly, propane can cause damage because it can freeze the skin and underlying tissues.

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